Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"If it Must be Done"

And I continue from my friends apartment in Milan overlooking the city, the duomo, and the alps...The rest of the days spent in Capri were very relaxing and consisted of renting a boat, that had no "Exciting Linens," but was sufficient enough for us to make our own way around the island and do some exploring and snorkeling on our way, in between, under, and around the island grottoes and coastlines. The green grotto was amazing to swim through and was great for practicing your jellyfish dodging. The boat ride included of course a packed lunch of calzones and quite a few Birres. Later on in the evening we headed to Ristorante Pizzeria Barbarossa in Anacapri to catch our last meal in Capri before catching a ferry to Naples to take a '100% Naples not so exciting linen' taxi to the train station to end up back in Roma. The pizza and bruschetta were quite delicious and suprisingly accurate despite the efforts of waiter extrodinaire Eugene Levy and the staff that had a striking resemblance to the SNL Italian Restaurant skit.
Well time for me to hit the tracks once more to make head way towards Switzerland. The story continues in Zurich...

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